About us


The Mantamaria

The Mantamaria dive center, was created in October 2009 in the bet of the richness of marine life of Santa Maria Island, having a biodiversity of pelagic and resident species, as well as stunning reefs and seamounts and intact nature (Registration MT 10/2010 and AT 14/2015/RAA). GPS:36º57'4""""N --25º8'58""""W

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A team of professionals

The Mantamaria team counts with the experience and professionalism of Diving Instructors, DiveMasters, skippers and support staff, so that in a relaxing environment the underwater experience in Santa Maria, your experience will be of the highest quality and satisfaction.


Our Dive Center

The center is equipped with five excellent boats, all suitable for diving and trips around the island, a top of the line Bauer B Trox Membrane Nitrox and Trimix filling station and all the diving equipment needed for the development of this activity with safety and comfort.


Come discover Santa Maria island!

Besides the guided diving and snorkeling trips, we also offer boat trips around Santa Maria Island, which reveal the amazing almost white sand beaches unique in the Azores and its hidden corners; caves with natural pools; the Route of the Fossils or you can even go to meet cetaceans and whale sharks.